Mastering Amazon Advertising or Amazon Ads in 2023!

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The PPC Butler is probably the most flexible tool on the market for managing your advertising on Amazon and the recommended tool for agencies/aggregators and all ambitious Amazon entrepreneurs. Get your first virtual assistant now.

Automate your internal processes.

Write down your daily routine tasks and let your virtual assistant take care of these tasks fully automated for you. Everything that you and your team currently do manually can now be done by your virtual assistant in a matter of seconds.

Could you and your team handle an additional 20 clients at the moment without increasing the number of employees?

The PPC-Butler is like a full-fledged employee that executes your internal processes exactly as instructed, for as many products and as many customers as you want. Scaling has never been so easy!

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As good as manually optimized, only better.

This is made possible by the most flexible and smartest bidding control in the market. Your team and you have endless combinations available to control your bids on Amazon.

Simply utilize the algorithms we’ve developed to respond to any conceivable scenario, just as you’re accustomed to from your manual optimization. Your virtual assistant now takes on this laborious task for you – fully automated, day after day.

You have full control over managing your campaigns at all times. Your virtual assistant will always execute exactly what you’ve asked it to do.

Is it getting stressful again with Prime Days around the corner? Simply create rule sets with your team in advance for these peak times and relax.

Benefits at a glance

Benefits Overview

  • Custom rule sets
  • Bid control based on times of day and weekdays
  • detailed mapping of your own workflow, maximum flexibility
  • time-based bid control, for example, the last 30 days
  • easy campaign and product management
  • Keyword and search term transfer
  • Setting minimum and maximum bids
  • Butler variables
  • Detailed reporting
  • Rollback function
  • and more

customer voices

Customer feedback helps us understand what’s important to you and how we can better meet your needs.

I’ve looked into all sorts of tools, but what troubled me was that almost all of them relied on AI. I had my own set of rules in mind for managing my Amazon PPC. I simply needed a robot that executes everything exactly as I specify. Please keep going! Five stars from me to you!

The PPC-Butler team is amazing; rarely has a company taken so much time for our concerns. We’re in the Managed Service, and the results speak for themselves. During peak times, an empty DPD van wasn’t enough to load all the shipments. Please continue to stay as authentic as you are! Wishing you the greatest success!

We were locked into a contract with another tool provider for 3 months. By the end of August 2023, we experienced a monthly loss of 4.500 euros. October 2023 with a forecast of -2.500 euros according to Sellerboard. Mid-October, after numerous discussions, we were finally released from the contract. All campaigns were then manually reviewed by the PPC-Butler team. Inappropriate keywords were filtered out, and then control was managed through a tailored rule set by the tool. At the end of December 2023, we ended up with a profit of over 44K and ran out of Stock. You are the absolute best, thank you so, so much for that!

We are a mid-sized Amazon advertising agency and have been working with the PPC-Butler tool and team for several months now. It’s exactly the solution we’ve always been looking for. We had two points that were really important to us, and we were assured that our request was noted and understood. It didn’t take two weeks (we were still in the testing phase) and the feature was integrated into the system. We are very excited to see what the future holds.

Get your virtual employee now.