1. First steps

2. Create automations at target level

2.1 Define conditions at target level

2.2 Conditions at target level - formula-based (expert mode)

2.3 Transfer rules & rule sets

2.3 Bid management at target level explained in detail

You can gradually increase or decrease your bids based on the current bid price. Depending on which option you choose, you can also determine the maximum or minimum bid. You also have the option of increasing/decreasing the bids in euros or in percentages.

– Increase / decrease bids step by step
– Define max. and min. bids
– Control in euros and per cent

Gebotssteuerung Gebot erhöhen
Gebotssteuerung Gebot verringern

We use the formula (CPC period / ACOS period * TARGET ACOS) for bid control by target ACOS. As there are countless formulas for calculating the target Acos, we have also created a function for you where you can store your own formula (see Bid control via formula). In this section, however, we would like to take a step-by-step approach to the “Target Acos Bid” using the predefined formula. Here is a small example to illustrate this:

– the CPC of the last 7 days corresponds to 0.35 cents
– the ACOS of the last 7 days corresponds to 3%
– the TARGET ACOS is 10%

The Butler would now perform the following calculation for you in the background.
0.35 / 3 * 10 = New bid (1.16 euros). We strongly advise you not to make such bid jumps, even though some tools on the market do just that. Such bid jumps are usually accompanied by a higher Acos than desired. We therefore recommend that you gradually steer the bid towards the target Acos. In this example (see screenshot), your butler would know that the calculated bid is 1.16 euros, but your butler would only increase the current bid by a maximum of 20 cents. The first bid change would therefore be 0.35 cents + 0.20 cents = new bid of 0.55 cents. The same applies to the maximum decrease by. If you leave this value at 0 as in the screenshot, the bid would be lowered directly to the lowest calculated value and not step by step.

Each time the rule set is run, this bid would be increased by a further 20 cents. This is important to note if you want to control the rule set several times via a schedule. You will find out at a later stage exactly how you can deal with this circumstance so that this rule is only executed every 2 days, for example, even though the rule set is executed several times a day via a schedule.

– Approach the calculated target acos step by step
– Define max. bids
– Control in euros and per cent

Gebotssteuerung Ziel-Acos Schrittweise

Increase selection in/to “Target ACOS”

The logic is identical to the section “Target Acos Control – Incrementally control the bid towards the target Acos”, but here the bid is set directly to the calculated bid.

For more information, please refer to the section “Target Acos Control – Controlling the bid step by step towards the target Acos”, where you will find a very detailed description.

– Set fixed bid to the calculated target Acos
– Define max. bids
– Control in euros and per cent

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3. Create automations at budget level

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4. Schedules

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5. KW-Harvesting (transfer search terms)

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6. Best Practices

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